Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random Acronym announces production of Ben Clarke's Sleep

Ok, it has been a long road to get to this point, but 'Sleep' is in production and slated to shoot in 20 days.

sleep' is a psychological thriller examining the decaying sanity of Karen, and the mystery surrounding the stalker that follows her every move.

After a brief campaign on the internet to find the perfect script, over 200 short films were considered. Every film had a strong point, but Ben Clarke's 'Sleep' was a strong short, one that accomplishes in a single intense act a twist ending comparable to much longer form films. It was practiced and opens itself to a very visual form of storytelling.

Ben Clarke hails from the UK, and has been writing for film for a very brief time. In fact, this short was one of his first works. This film was compared against writers who have decades of film writing experience, and was chosen to be the strongest 15 minutes possible.

Production work has been going on for about 3 months to prep the production. Locations have been found, and a casting call is out now. If you would like to audition for a role, casting will be held October 7th. Location is undetermined as yet. Check back here for updates.

The production has found locations for both the Hospital, and the cafe. Permits are being run through the city to allow a downtown shoot. Karen's house location has yet to be locked, but a few different places are being considered. Let me know if you have a house that may work. 1st level bedrooms are preferred.

Once casting has been completed, a couple table readings and rehearsals will prep the cast. It should be relatively straight forward, being a 10 page script.

This movie will be shot on Kodak 16mm negative film and posted to HD video tape. Should it get into a large festival, there is a small chance of a print to 35mm film. All actors and crew will receive a deferred pay, copy, credit and food. The shoot will last 3 days (Oct. 21,22, & 23) I will post a call for crew, but a lot of crew positions have been filled.

Check back here for updates and announcements.


At 10/04/2006 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I'd like to sign up for the 4:00 slot, if it's still available. I'm a technophobe, so I hope this is where you wanted us to post our sign-up time.

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