Monday, October 09, 2006

Auditions were great!

I was really pleased with the level of performances from everyone at the auditions! They were great. Now I have a harder job than I thought I would trying to select a cast from who came out. I believe I should have it selected by tommorow. Check back for a posting.

I had to bring in our acting director to help select the cast. It was a really good showing by everyone. I hate to have to choose between everyone, but I suppose in the end I will have to choose.

I will open up the film to everyone who auditioned and at very least get them in as an extra (we need doctors and nurses for the final scene, and for a bedroom scene)

This should be a great film, no matter who I select! Also it looks like I have a freelance gig shooting the E-40 concert for the opening act, and if I do, that means that the quality of craft services will definatley increase. I know how much impact good food has on acting, so I will do my best to get that in place. Maybe I can get a catering sponsor?

Also we will have money for proccessing and telecining the film! I know that sounds like a given, but I have had issues with the budget recently when the city dropped the bomb on me and told me I needed a million dollar insurance policy to cover their assests (though I refuse to believe I can rack up a million dollars worth of sidewalk damage, at least we will be covered.)

Once I announce the cast we will need to do a few things in prep:

1. Lead actors will need to talk with us so we can figure out a wardrobe option for every day in the film.
2. Extras will need to give me their coat sizes so I can get lab coats and scrubs for doctors and nurses.
3. We will set up a table reading rehearsal for next weekend to prepare for the shoot.
4. If there are any updates in your availibility let me know. Key dates are saturday and monday (esp. monday after 5pm) since those days are on locations where we have limited availibilty.
5. Let me know if anyone has any alergies, so I can make sure not to have them part of the craft services.

Also I should have contracts ready by the first table reading. Check back here on tuesday and I will have a posting to announce the cast!

If anyone has experience in makeup/hair for film let me know....I am clueless beyond the usual 'shine reduction'


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