Friday, October 13, 2006

Cast announcement and schedule

Ok, so cast has been announced, I beleive I sent an email out to everyone. If I missed your email then the cast is as follows:

Karen: Sheri Lisenbee
Rachel: Renee Daw
Stalker: Tom Jacobs
Detective: Scott Stohl
Bum: Dirk Willas
Man 1: Jeff Fenn
Man 2: Dorrell Harper

Now, if you didn't get a speaking role, you are still invited to be an extra. Email me if you want to do that. I will keep everyones email address handy so next time we do a film, or I hear of a casting call locally I will keep you all informed. I want to thank everyone for showing up. I was really surprised by the quality of actors that turned out. Going in I thought it would be an easy choice, but everyone was great and I had to really think about it and take input from the casting director.

The schedule we have planned now is incomplete, but the two major scenes are set up for us (hospital and cafe).

On saturday (october 21st) we will begin at the end. We have two hours in the hospital, so I will need Karen, the Stalker, and two doctor extras in scrubs (wardrobe will be provided) I think we will start around 11am. After that we will probably take care of the outdoor scenes (with the bum and with stalker just before the end.) I think we may also do some of Karens room scenes that night.

Sunday (oct. 22) will mostly be spent at Karens house doing the detective scene. Also we have a shot outside the snow city cafe that day (also the detective scene, just before the end). I think the end scene will be shot in two seperate locations, given the hospitals requirements of a 2 hour shoot. So sunday we will finnish up the Dr. Solomons portion of the endscene.

Monday (oct. 23) will be spent getting pick up shots and cleaning up any scenes that have yet to be completed. At 4pm we will get access to snowcity to begin set up. They will be cleaning up for about an hour, so we won't be able to shoot until 5pm that night. That will be a Karen and Rachel show that night. We will probably go until 10-12 or somewhere in there (hopefully not too late)

This Sunday (the 15th) I am planning a table read for all actors. I think we will plan that for around 4pm at my house in midtown (36th and latouche) let me know if that works for you, or if there are any issues. I will be calling everyone on Saturday to confirm that.

In other sleep news (for all those indie film makers and film buffs around the globe that have found this blog) a few technical specs of the film. We are shooting Kodak 7217 200T 16mm. I bought 4200 feet of short ends, so lets hope I don't need anymore than that. We are shooting on a CP-16r camera, which if anyone hasn't seen one, they are tanks. Very uncomfortable to do handheld, but it will do. For glass we have agnineiux 10-150mm zoom, and a 6mm angie prime. We have local production house Talking Circle Media is providing grip equipment. Lights are comming from ABC tv station and the university.

For the real tech heads some problems in this shoot: the speed of the film is going to be rated at 125. That means I need a ton of light to expose. To exagerate that problem, the main location, a cafe, can only let us film at night. The script calls for daylight, so a 20x20 silk will be placed against the building and somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000w of light will make it look like day to the camera on the inside. Other problems thrown into the mix is sound. Oddly enough there are very few Dats in Alaska and finding one for the weekend at a decent price proved difficult, so we are recording on a marantz digital recorder, that saves audio to Compact Flash.

To finnish the film we are using adobe premiere pro (or maybe Avid or Final Cut, depending on various factors) . The lab doing the work is Post Works New York, which has been very helpful in preproduction, and are very friendly. They will also handle both telecines for offline and online cuts. The final telecine will be on a Spirit to D5HD and we will present at film festivals in HDCAM or DVCPRO masked to a 1.85 window.

We have a guy doing a score for the film, and the actor playing detective, scott stohl will probably play slide guitar for some fill music. Also we will probably try and get bryant mainard to do some guitar and maybe mandolin work for the film. Lots of exciting stuff happening for this film, and we are 1 week away from principle.

Check back here tuesday for a summation of the shoot and LOTS of still pics of the production. At some point we will also have some video blogs on you-tube and a trailer.

Anyway, thats the haps for now. (oh, if you are from out of state just following production, don't be a stranger. Leave a comment or email me.)


At 10/13/2006 6:28 PM, Blogger Sheri Lisenbee said...

That schedule works fine for me. I'll even be able to make a test I was going to have to miss. I'll need directions, so be sure to e-mail me (you'd missed me in the casting e-mail, so please make sure I'm on your email list).

Thanks again, I'm really looking forward to working with everyone!

Sheri Lisenbee

At 10/13/2006 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheri is already acting like a prima...wait : )

Jeff Fenn. Sheri's friend.


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