Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First weekend of shooting done.

Thankfully when the door was built, it was fairly light, so 2 grips should be able to pull it out of the way during the shoot with no problems (I hope)

After this weekend of shooting, I thought that would be funny to point out my earlier comment. The people who were on set today can attest to how well that worked out. We had one decent take, though the door took too long to move. In the following takes, the door progressivly disintegrated. It was actually pretty funny to watch just how bad the design performed. I think we got enough coverage to hide the doors failings, and the cut should be more intense than the original shot would have been.

I was happy with all the perfomances. I left each scene feeling very confident we had more than I hoped to achieve. Big ups to Briant and Sheri and Renee and Scott, Tom, Jeff, Heather, and Kyle for delivering a higher level of performance than I expected. (Sheri Pointed out that I missed Renee, sorry Renee, I was tired when I wrote this. You were AWSOME on set....better than Sheri who always pointed out what I missed. jk)

Pictures from set will be availible shortly. I am too tired to post anymore for the indie filmmakers following this blog. I have to go back to shooting video tommorow, bummer.


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