Thursday, November 30, 2006

Almost done! sorta

I talked to the lab today and the footage should be comming down directly. They said they won't wait for me to make full payment (apparently they trust me) and right now they are just waiting for machine time to do the telecine. They are stacked from open to close with 16mm stuff to transfer, so we got to wait. I think if everyone calls Post Works and bugs Jerimiah, that might make it go quicker, so if you have spare time, that would be the time to do it.

Other than that, all I know is maybe a week or two from now we will be able to watch the raw footage. In two or three months we should have something resembling a final cut, though I am not sure how long a final cut will take.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Well I am still waiting for the lab to return my tapes. They said it should be soon, but I understand there is a lot of bigger features being worked on, so we are looking to get machine time when we can. Soon though Soon!

Sherry was asking if I am still alive, well close enough. I have started to work on Isotac, trying to figure out a good way to get some money to shoot that on 35mm with a full crew. Just trying to fill time until I get the labwork back and can start cutting.

Also soon I should have contracts for all the actors to clear up the use of the footage. I have a few composers who are wanting to work on the film, so there is a chance we could have a really nice soundtrack to go with the film. pass some time I thought I would post some pictures.

or you can see the whole host of pictures at
be warned there are like 200 from that first day.