Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hey a quarter? how about 2000?

Yeah, not much has gone on lately, so I haven't had much to update. A few quick things though:

1. upon calling the lab, apparently there was miscommunication, and they actually did want the money before they even transfer the footage. I was waiting on a call saying 'its done' they were waiting for a call saying 'heres my cash'.

2. after several months (I think we are at 4 or 5 now) a freelance gig has yet to pay up their account, so I am like 500 bucks shy of being able to afford the film)

That leaves us waiting until probably the 15th until I can clear my account with PWNY and get the film back (unless the gig pays up). Its frustrating. I was planning to have the footage back before the end of the year, now its more like the end of the month.

In other news, I got a ton of 8mm film for christmas, so I was thinking of writing a 3 minute film. I'm thinking of calling it 'Running, running, scared' what do you think? It involves lots of running and being scared. I think sheri would be perfect for it.

Also working on getting some cash for Isotac to be shot in 35mm, but getting money is a tough proposition...but with money comes better productions....and PAs....and paying actors too.


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